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Hello my friends, If you are living in and around Pune and bored with your daily routine or want something new or stromy in your life, Then I just want to tell you that Butterfly Trampoline Park Pune is waiting for you to explore.

located in the heart of Pune, Butterfly Trampoline Park is a vibrant recreational space ideal for individuals and groups looking for an thrilling escape. With a variety of attractions for all ages, the park promises a day filled with laughter, adventure, and unforgettable memories.

In this blog you will get to know about park’s attraction, timings, contact details and many more. Let’s dive into the thrilling world of this extraordinary trampoline park, where every moment is filled with 101% pure joy!

Butterfly Trampoline Park Attractions

Butterfly Trampoline Park
Image source – Butterfly Trampoline Park

1. Trampolines: Bounce, flip, and soar on our interconnected trampolines for an unforgettable gravity-defying experience.

2. Dodgeball: Engage in dynamic battles on our trampoline court, dodging and diving to victory.

3. Bounce Basketball: Showcase your slam-dunk skills in a high-flying game of basketball on trampolines.

4. Tight Rope: Test your balance and agility as you traverse the tightrope with finesse.

5. Free Jump Area: Let loose and showcase your gravity-defying moves in an open space filled with trampolines.

6. Foam Pit: Dive into soft foam cubes and perfect your flips and tricks without the worry of hard landings.

7. Wall Climbing: Conquer vertical challenges with a thrilling ascent on our climbing wall.

8. Free Drop: Experience a heart-pounding simulated free fall with a soft landing on a giant airbag.

9. Bounce Volley Ball: Enjoy a high-flying twist to traditional volleyball on our trampoline court.

10. Wipeout: Navigate through adrenaline-pumping obstacles in this thrilling zone.

11. Adventure Zone: Conquer challenges with activities like the Hurdle Course, Takashi’s Castle, and Ninja Warrior.

12. Ball Jumper, Crash Bag, Wrecking Ball: Test your balance, experience controlled chaos, and embrace the challenge in the Recreational Zone.

13. Fuss Ball, Air Hockey, Punching Bag, Drums: Unwind with classic games in our Recreational Zone.

14. MUSIC & DANCE FLOOR: As night falls, join the party on our special dance floor and celebrate the joy of life.

This Park is Also Open For…

Birthday Parties: Celebrate special moments with a unique and lively birthday bash.

School Day Trips: Plan an adventurous day for students, filled with laughter and team-building activities.

Corporate Team Building: Boost team morale and camaraderie through exciting team-building events.

Butterfly Trampoline has 2 locations in Pune (Kharadi and Hinjewadi)

Butterfly Trampoline Park Kharadi Contact Details

Address: Butterfly Trampoline Park, Upper Kharadi Main Rd, Chokhi Dhani, Maharashtra 412207, India

Phone: +91 70096 71001

Website: btpkharadi.com

Butterfly Trampoline Park Hinjewadi Contact Details

Address: NO-283/2 & 284, HPWG+8J9, S, 1, Hinjawadi Phase 2 Rd, Phase 1, Hinjawadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411057

Phone: 089561 27375

Website: butterflytrampoline.com

Reasons to Visit Butterfly Trampoline Park

Butterfly Trampoline Park
Image source – Butterfly Trampoline Park

Thrilling Attractions: From trampolines to adventure zones, the park offers a diverse range of activities for all ages.

Unique Events: Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a team-building activity, host your special occasions in a lively setting.

Health and Fitness: Experience a full-body workout while having fun – a perfect blend of exercise and enjoyment.

Here Are some Tips

  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing and socks.
  • Follow safety guidelines and rules.
  • Book in advance for special events.

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In the end i just want to tell you that, Butterfly Trampoline Park Pune invites you to bring out your inner child, make unforgettable memories, and enjoy the life you want. Whether you’re here for the trampolines, the adventure zone, or any other exciting events, this park promises you an unforgettable experience. So, gather your friends and family, and let Butterfly Trampoline Park be the backdrop for your next adventure. See you at the park, where the fun never stops!

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